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The following sites may contain information useful to your cause:


Although courts have held that local jurisdictions do not have to abandon their responsibility to protect neighborhoods in order to accommodate the needs or desires of the wireless industry, a basic understanding of available technology can be helpful in dealing with those providers (not all of them) who will claim that only a 300 foot lattice tower will allow them to deliver their services.
A collection of news articles about the controversy surrounding the placement of cellular towers in several Massachusetts towns. Includes a bulletin board for discussion of the issue.
Aesthetic Impacts of Commercial Antennas
Site maintained by Paul Inghram, an urban planner, to discuss the aesthetic aspects of tower location. Especially interesting is his page of tower placement do's and don'ts, including photos.
A monthly newsletter aimed at municipalities handling cellular tower permits, planning and zoning issues. If this site looks useful, you should subscribe to the monthly newsletter (Cities and Counties can get one copy for free).
Lucent Wireless Networks
Formerly part of AT&T, Lucent manufactures, installs and supports cellular equipment. On their site, you'll find regular updates about wireless technology, including archived audio and video files.
Antenna Siting, from the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association)
A site developed for professionals in the wireless industry, useful for getting some insight into the providers' point of view. Has a database listing towns with tower moratoria, as well as reports on scientific research and federal regulation.
PCIA (Personal Communications Industry Association)
Also, helps to shed light on the industry side of the issue. Updated regularly - see "Today's Top 10 Wireless Stories."
Useful although curiously waggish site with links to tower builders, installers and regulators - the works.
Project '97
A substantial list of links, covering everything from the history of telephony to electromagnetism, the FCC and industry consultants. Designed for use by a class of undergraduate engineers at Harvard.
The FCC's Wireless Telecommunications Bureau
Their mission statement is to "encourage competition in all communications markets and to protect the public interest." A tough job. There is a wealth of information for both public and private sectors here.


Although your lawyer will (or should) caution you not to fight cell towers on health issues because regulation of radio frequency emissions has been preempted at the federal level, I know many of you are concerned about these issues. The following links will get you started:
FEB - The Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive
Roy Beavers is a retired naval officer and former utility company executive. He has been trying to inform the public about the hazards of EMF since 1995. If you like his site, email him to explain why you are interested in EMF and ask to join his discussion group. You do not have to participate unless you want to. He posts messages from scientists and concerned individuals from all around the world.
The EMR Alliance
A membership organization of those concerned about electromagnetic field radiation. Some information is available on the site, more via subscription to their newsletter.


Some people have become so concerned about cell towers blooming everywhere that they have put up web sites to assist those of you who are opposing one in your neighborhood for the first time.
Cellular Tower Coalition
This site offers updates on current litigation around the country, news of developing technologies, and to-do lists for local organizing.
Julie Fournier, having successfully fought the location of a cell tower at her children's grade school, shares her research - and her story - with others in similar situations.

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