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Kirk Wines has been the Medina City Attorney for over twenty-five years. As such, he was unwittingly drawn into his first cell tower disputes. The first case filed under the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was against the City of Medina, Washington for passing a moratorium on cell sites within the city. Kirk successfully defended that action and a subsequent series of actions filed in Federal Court by Sprint Spectrum alleging that the city was obligated to allow Sprint to erect a 100 foot monopole tower with a ring of panel antennas at the top within the midst of a densely developed neighborhood

For more information on this particular case, see The Medina Experience.

As a result of the successful conclusion of the above referenced matters, Kirk has represented a number of private citizens and neighborhood groups fighting to protect their property values by keeping unsightly cell towers out of their neighborhoods. He has participated as a witness and an attorney before hearing examiners throughout the Greater Seattle / King County area. He has spoken at seminars for city officials, city attorneys, attorneys in general practice and at a convention for one of the major provider's siting employees. He has represented neighborhood groups in state courts. He has also testified and/or lobbied on wireless issues before the King County Council and the Washington State Legislature.

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